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Got Bees?

We offer basic removal services in Martin and St. Lucie Counties

Bee removal and relocation services start at $225.00. We do our best to remove your bees, make sure they are pest-free, and relocate them to a safe hive with plenty of foraging. 

Basic removals are removals that DO NOT require demolition of drywall or structures. Good examples include hives or swarms in bird houses, duck boxes, open soffits or eves of structures, on fences, or in trees. We do not do advanced removals that require demolition. 

Why isn't bee removal free? Beekeepers have to invest time (usually there are 2 of us), equipment, fuel, honeybee pest treatment, and other resources to successfully re-home bees. We do our best to keep your cost to a minimum and save the bees in the process! 

We won't kill the bees unless there is a serious issue. We are a farm, not an extermination company. We are in the business of keeping bees alive if at all possible. 

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