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Half Nature Half Carpentry

Recently, we've spent most of our time on the farm building hives, building frames, building pallets, etc. Beekeeping, like any animal husbandry, takes time and commitment to ensuring our livestock (bees) have the best home possible. Bees can't do their job (pollinate and make honey) unless they have happy, health hive homes.

In order to withstand the weather, we have to paint our hives. So we build and we paint, then we stamp our logo and our state registration number on each hive. Hive production from start to finish for each box takes us approximately 2 hours. It involves saws, nail guns, food-safe wood glue, plastic frames, drills, paint, stencils, and a lot of patience.

Most of our hives are white just to simplify the process, but research has shown that bees like some color! In the future, we hope to be able to invite guests to help us add some art to our hives. Keep in touch and you may get the chance to paint a bee home!

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